Introducing A New Course to Kickstart Your Voice! Designed and Developed by Sally Salmon

The Ultimate Singers Masterclass is a tried and tested collection of essential techniques and vocal strategies that I believe make up a fantastic training route for singers of all styles and abilities. 

Join me for an eight week course where we will delve into the inner workings of the voice, highlight common problem areas and begin to build the voice you’ve always dreamed of!

If you don’t know your thyroid cartilage from your elbow or your soft palate from your knees – or even if you do and want a refresher or a different approach – my courses are for you! 

The Ultimate Singers Masterclass is the result of 18 years of vocal study, practice, performance, vocal recovery and teaching. 

I have studied many methods over the past 12 years, some I found helpful, some I found hindering. Some approaches gave me the foundations to find my own path and build my own method whilst some identified areas which I indeed steer well clear of. 

With a greater understanding of Anatomy and the science of singing I began to piece together my most used exercises and technical approaches from my private teaching, addressing some of the most common voice problems in singers and so The Ultimate Singers Masterclass was born. 

I wanted to create a budget friendly, busy life friendly method of learning to sing, Its my aim to help singers understand that learning to sing isn’t just about opening your mouth wider or “singing from the diaphragm” there’s so much more!

So if your interested in building the voice you want, get in touch now!