The Ultimate Singers Masterclass Eight Week Course – Introduction to Vocal Technique and Advanced Training for Singers

Do you feel strain when you sing? Would you like to build a stronger, reliable and more powerful voice and keep your voice safe for years and gigs to come??

Did you know there are so many aspects which affects our singing. Little habits which we may have developed over the years can drastically change our vocal ability, Including volume, power, range, vocal stability, stamina and tension!
Over the past 15 years I have been studying various vocal methodologies and training approaches and have built a tried and tested easy to access vocal training method to help you build a better voice. The course will be an introduction for some, a refresher for others or a way of updating The Ultimate Singers Masterclass – Introduction to Vocal Technique and Advanced Training for Singers knowledge and help you learn new advancements in vocal development if you have been out of training for a while.

My 8 week course is designed to introduce up to date vocal training ideas and techniques to help you build the voice you want, no matter how you feel your voice needs improving, be it range, power, stability or even if you feel your vocal health struggles I am here to help you get on the right track to build the voice you want!!

This 8 week course will give you the tools, research and information to help you conquer any of your vocal issues!!

How it will run:

Each week we will cover a different topic on vocal technique, Including:

* How to control your Head, Chest, Mix and Belt Voice – How to Sing High and Low or smooth out your bridge
* How to improve your volume and power
* Breathing for Singers
* How to release tension in your voice
* How to build a voice with stability
* What songs and styles suit you individually
* How to look after your voice and recover after illness or excessive singing

The course is designed for singers of all abilities and each singer will have the opportunity to perform (optional) and receive Professional expert technical advice and training on your individual needs!

The Ultimate Singers Masterclass Eight Week Course – Confidence Building & Performance

My 8 Week Intensive vocal course is designed to take you from singing at home to singing on stage!!

So many singers I work with have wonderful voices but completely lack the confidence to get up and show us what they have! Over the past few years my focus has been to help singers find their voices and gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue their singing goals. We all have particular hang ups on how we feel about ourselves and our singing but with a push in the right direction anyone can achieve the voice they want!!

My Main aim is to help you build your confidence and learn how to get the most out of your voice! Each week we will focus on building your confidence and preparing for our final gig day (Don’t worry if you think you might not be ready to perform on stage, taking part in the final gig is optional, although we will do our best help you feel ready!) Each week everyone will get the chance to sing selected songs from their repertoire and receive professional feedback and advice on their performance and vocal development as well as learn essential tips and tricks to prepare for performance, to build your voice and how to overcome your self doubt and unhelpful nerves!!

Topics covered include
* How to build an efficient practice routine
* How to build and strengthen your voice
* How to pick the right songs to get the most out of your voice
* How to make the right key choices
* Learn tried and tested confidence building & nerve controlling exercises
* Vocal Health and Safety
* Working with accompanists vs backing tracks
* Any Personal areas of development you feel you might need help with

PLUS Professional Expert Technical Advice and training on your individual vocal needs in preparation for your gig!!